Detective K: Secret Of Virtuous Widow (Malaysia Version)

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18th century Joseon is shaken to the roots by a large-scale government scandal...Joseon's greatest detective is assigned  to solve the case! It's the 16th year of King Jeong-jo's rule, a series of murders break out in the capital of Joseon. King suspects that the murders are a part some high officials, conspiracy to cover up an embezzlement scandal. He commissions a famous detective Kim Jin to solve the case and find out who is behind. Kim Jin's assassins from day one. He narrowly escapes death with the help of a dog seller, Seo-phil. Together, they head out to Joseon to find Wolfs bane - the flower that holds key to the case. In Joseon, they meet a beautiful business magnate, Han Kaek-ju who seems to hold far more secrets than she first appears.

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