Hoa Buom Ngay Xua - The Best Of Cam Ly 17

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1. Chuyen Tinh Hoa Buom Cam Ly
2. Hoang Tu Trong Mo Cam Ly, Hoai Linh
3. Thuong Ve Mien Trung Cam Ly
4. Duong Xua Loi Cu Cam Ly
5. Sau Le Bong Cam Ly
6. Me Mien Trung Cam Ly
7. Roi Tinh Yeu Den Cam Ly
8. Mot Doi Yeu Anh Cam Ly
9. Ngay Vui Qua Mau Cam Ly
10. Mua Chieu Ky Niem Cam Ly
11. Du Tinh Anh Xa Mai Cam Ly
12. Den Bao Gio Em Biet Cam Ly, Dong Duy
13. Ghet Anh Gian Anh Cam Ly
14. Thim Hai Lua Cam Ly
15. Moi Duyen Due Cam Ly, Quoc Dai
16. Nguu Lang Chuc Nu Cam Ly


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