Loi Chia Tay - The Best Of Cam Ly

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1. Loi Chia Tay Cam Ly, Van Quang Long
Nguoi Oi Hay Chia Tay Cam Ly
3. Tha Trang Tha Den Cam Ly
4. Chi Con Ky Niem Cam Ly
5. Chi Mot Lan Thoi Cam Ly
6. Chuyen Buon Di Vang Cam Ly
7. Em Se La Nguoi Ra Di Cam Ly
8. Hua Di Anh Cam Ly
9. Lan Dau Noi Doi Cam Ly
10. Lo Duyen Cam Ly
 11. Mai Mai Cam Ly
12. Mong Cho Cam Ly
13. Tinh Ngan Nam

Cam Ly, Van Quang Long

14. Tinh Xa Ngan Khoi Cam Ly
15. Vo Tinh Cam Ly, Van Quang Long
16. Da Xa Cuoc Tinh Cam Ly


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