Nguu Lang Chuc Nu - The Best Of Cam Ly 16

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1. Gio Len Cam Ly
2. Hen Mua Trang Sau Cam Ly
3. Vang Trang Tao Ngo Cam Ly
4. Bau Nho Nguoi Dung Cam Ly
5. Cau Hat Ly Theo Chong Cam Ly
6. Thim Hai Lua Cam Ly
7. Nguu Lang Chuc Nu Cam Ly
8. Moi Duyen Que Cam Ly
9. Mai Mot Anh Ve Cam Ly
10. Tet Que Huong Cam Ly
 11. Bac Trang Lua Hong Cam Ly
12. Noi Buon Hoa Phuong Cam Ly
13. Ngan Thu Ao Tim Cam Ly
14. Khi Da Yeu Cam Ly
15. Hai Phuong Troi Cach Biet Cam Ly


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