Nhung Tinh Khuc Dan Ca - The Best Of Cam Ly 3

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1. Vong Co Buon Cam Ly
Ba Nam Cam Ly
3. Ru Lai Vang Trang Cam Ly
4. Buon Con Sao Dau Cam Ly
5. Chi Di Tim Em Cam Ly
6. Chuyen Ba Tam Cam Ly
7. Chuyen Ngay Tho Cam Ly
8. Dem Ghanh Hao Nghe Dieu Hoai Lang Cam Ly
9. Dieu Buon Ly Xang Xe Cam Ly
10. Hue Xua Cam Ly
 11. Me Toi Cam Ly
12. Chim Trang Mo Coi Cam Ly
13. Dau Xot Ly Con Cua Cam Ly
14. Thuong Em Ly Miet Vuon Cam Ly


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