Autumn's Concerto (Part 1, 1-9)(to be continued)(English Subtitled - Malaysia Version)

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Some people's life is smooth and successful, but some have to stop or slow their steps to solve difficulties in order to move to next step. They may miss the view outside the window, or miss the one beside them. No one knows who is the one to accompany him (her) to the last stop. Could the lovers truly accompany each other till the end of life?

"Guangxi" - who always picked up by the driver to the destination, unable to decide his own life, surreal and supercilious, is the only inheritor of ShengDe Group. It seems that he owns everything, but actually he is the poorest in the world. No love, no laugh, no expectations, and no heartbeat. Not knowing how to care and give until his encounter with Mucheng, and the gifts left by his leaving father become the unbreakable linkage between him and Mucheng.

"Mucheng" - a girl doesn't know where to stop and leave the bus and dare not to fall asleep in the bus.

Even though she is kindhearted and discovers that the happiness she expected since childhood is in Guangxi's hand, she has no choice but to leave under his mother's severe request at the day when Guangxi has to receive surgery.

For the six years, she lives bravely and optimistically with his son Xiaole, who is a type 1 diabetic, at Huatian village till Guangxi returns to her life again; however, Guangxi has lost his memory and she could only suppress her agitated emotion and give her best wishes to Guangxi, who is completely changed and has happy life.

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