Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Vol.1 (Episodes 1 -4)

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Driven to find his missing father, KIT TAYLOR discovers a mysterious ADVENT CARD that gives him the power to transform into a KAMEN RIDER, an armored warrior who exists only in the MIRROR WORLD, a dimension opposite of our own reality. Kit joins forces with LEN, the leader of the KAMEN RIDERS, after he learns that his father may be a hostage of the evil GENERAL XAVIAX, a renegade warlord who gains his power by kidnapping people from this world. Kit, now KAMEN RIDER DRAGON KNIGHT, must quickly learn to use his newfound powers to battle General Xaviax and his evil army in the hopes that he will one day find his father. Little does Kit realize that if the remaining 10 ADVENT CARDS should fall into the wrong hands, it could pose a even greater danger... DARK KAMEN RIDERS...

EPISODE 1: SEARCH FOR THE DRAGON Life gets truly strange for Kit Taylor when his missing father appears in a mirror to tell him to “Look for the Dragon” and Kit finds a weird deck of Advent Cards. Suddenly monsters are appearing in every mirror and window and abducting people. Kit rushes to the aid of Maya- a cute reporter under attack by these mirror monsters- only to be pushed aside by a mysterious hero.

EPISODE 2: CONTRACT WITH THE DRAGON Following Kit’s visions of his father, Kit contracts with the Dragon to become Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. Although Kit helps Len fight the mirror monsters, Len is angry with Kit for contracting with the dragon. Maya tells Kit she thinks his father’s disappearance is connected to the mirror monster attacks.

EPISODE 3: KAMEN RIDER INCISOR Kit, now Kamen Rider Dragon Knight fights Incisor, who is fighting to gain a million dollar bounty for every Kamen Rider he defeats. Wing Knight comes to Dragon Knight’s aid in the fight and decides to train Kit how to fight as a Kamen Rider.

EPISODE 4: A RIDER’S CHALLENGE Len and Kit hear the attack warning and go off to fight a monster. Meanwhile Maya tags along on an interview with a rival paranormal reporter who dismisses the mirror monster stories. Len and Kit find Richie and Len challenges him to a one on one fight.

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