Ky Niem 15 Nam Ca Hat Cam Ly DVD Live Show (2DVD) + The Best Of Cam Ly Dan Truong CD (Vietnam Version)


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Disc 1
1. Con Lai Day Minh Em Cam Ly
Nguoi Ve Cuoi Pho Cam Ly
3. Sao Anh Ra Di Cam Ly
4. Em Chi Yeu Mot Nguoi Cam Ly, Chi Tai
5. Dem Co Mua Roi Cam Ly
6. Doi Cho Nhung Mua Dong Cam Ly
7. No Duyen Cam Ly, Hoai Linh
8. Khong Bao Gio Quen Anh Cam Ly, Hoai Linh
9. Lau Dai Tinh Ai Cam Ly, Quoc Dai
10. Ngay Khong Em Cam Ly, Quoc Dai
11. Mua Nua Dem Cam Ly
12. Ai Ra Xu Hue Cam Ly, Quang Linh
13. Dinh Menh Cam Ly Quang Linh
Disc 2
1. Pho Hoa Cam Ly
2. Em Se La Nguoi Ra Di Cam Ly
3. Chiec Ao Ba Ba Cam Ly
4. Trich Doan Cai Luong Lan Va Diep Cam Ly, Minh Thuan
5. Vong Co Buon Cam Ly
6. Kich: Cam Ly "Ai Don" Hoai Linh, Chi Tai, Nu Cuoi Moi
7. Em La Hanh Phuc Doi Anh Cam Ly, Dan Truong
8. Chim Trang Mo Coi Cam Ly, Dan Truong
9. Xuan Que Toi Cam Ly
10. Behind The Scene
11. Ky Niem Tai Can Tho
1. Em La Hanh Phuc Doi Anh Cam Ly
2. Em Oi Dung Doi Thay Dan Truong
3. Thi Thoi Em Nhe Song Ca
4. Con Lai Day Em Nhe Cam Ly
5. Nang Gio Tinh Ta Song Ca
6. I Love You (Nang Xuan Cua Toi) Dan Truong
7. Buon Hat Ly Co Mong Cam Ly
8. Nguoi Hay Hua Voi Toi (Remix) Song Ca
9. Doi Cho Minh En Dan Truong
10. Ngay Mai Xa Cach Song Ca
11. Con Lay Day Minh Em Cam Ly

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